Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Remember The Love

Many we love have passed away too soon… without reason.

We remember them often in a thousand different ways…
In the morning… In the night…
When we look at the stars…
A date… A song… A place… A smell…

It’s those little things we see and feel,
That keep them close and never lost.
They may not be in our daily lives,
But memories of them we’ll always hold dear.

Gone from this place, from our tangible grasp,
It may fill our hearts with sorrow.
But our recollections of our loved ones, it’s those,
That keep them in our world, not just the past.

Live every moment as you did before,
Push past the pain and anguish.
Share their love and lessons they taught,
They will live into eternity, become legend, lore.

Don’t feel sad, or lonely, that you feel them present in a thousand different ways…
It’s their way of saying I love you… In the night… In the day…

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Does Hope Exist?

Hiding behind the world in plain sight,
It has worked for a time.
Yet a darkness has erupted, grabbing hold now,
Spreading a melancholy sadness my way.

I am scared for what happens next,
Staying positive and prayer hasn’t worked.
Each step of the way, I think the best,
Yet the monster has always come forth.

The darkness drips and oozes tears of pain,
And strips away my hope.
Running seems to be instinct,
For reality is brutal to this fragile soul.

Looking back, remembering the unknown,
It used to be my friend, a loved one embraced.
Now it is the scariest thoughts,
Carrying fear and sorrow to its extreme.

Betrayal has reared its hideous face now,
It is so hard to stay strong as pity is glared,
To try and sympathize what they do not know.
Anger brews deep within, boiling to disdain.

There is light, it seems at times to be,
Shining a path to climb from the darkness.
Bodiless souls that lift, push and pull,
Thrusting away my suffering thoughts.

When all seems darkest, an escape is sent.
Beacons of lights, in the oddest of places.
Words of comfort, not meant for me,
Yet they sooth my tortured brain.

A realization has been made,
It all ends the same way, for all.
It is what we do with the little time given,
That will define who we are.

The next round is facing me square in the face
And hope has crawled out of that dingy hole,
Kicking away the ooze,
Restoring some long lost faith.

The fight is not over yet, it has only begun,
I will not give in to the pain and fear.
Creation is a miracle to be cherished,
From beginning to the brutal end.